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2015 Creative Loafing Short Story Winner

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Sometimes Lux Madigan takes things that don't belong to her, and this is the reason she believes her twin sister Nix fled the Cape Perpetua Asylum in 1969 over thirty years before. Approaching sixty with a weak heart and a damaged memory, Lux roams Cape Perpetua looking for Nix in the faces of all the twins that inhabit the city. Legend has it that the city was cursed when the ship the Twin Sisters crashed into its shore in the mid Twentieth Century. It's a curse that has always been attributed to the twins' mother because of the connection she claimed to have with the dead.


When Lux's plea for help is intercepted by Victoria Belmont, a newly-widowed journalist with ghosts of her own, the atrocity of the Eugenics Movement is brought into the light, unearthing dark secrets that have been buried for years. One of these secrets will change the lives of both Lux and Victoria forever.






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