A Southern Gothic Love Story

A Southern Gothic Love Story

Put on a pot of bourbon and pull up a chair. This is life, love, and lore in the Deep South.

Film Review: Sister Sister

A Southern Gothic thriller about two sisters, a Louisiana bed and breakfast, and a guest pretending to be searching for love but actually seeking something much more satisfying. Ahh....the sweet taste of revenge. Delicious. Almost as tasty as a bag of Jack Daniels' flavored popcorn.
Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Eric Stoltz and Judith Ivey (Will & Grace, Designing Women and my favorite role for her: The Devil's Advocate in which she plays Keanu Reeves country bumpkin mama who has a difficult time distinguishing Lucifer from an average one-night stand.)
Benjamin Mouton plays the caretaker, Etienne LeViolette, a Louisiana name that's right up there with with Harry Angel and Epiphany Proudfoot. Love the French mullet hair cut, Benji.
In all honesty, for a film made in the eighties, it's pretty decent. A little predictable but it kept my attention. What's not to love about cypress knees, a foggy bayou, sex, secrets, murder and mullets la Francaise?

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